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Commemorating the debut of Led Zeppelin in 1968

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45 years ago, 7 September 1968, the world's greatest rock band played their very first concert. This took place at Gladsaxe Teen Club in the outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark.

My name is Jorgen Angel. I was the photographer who took the pictures of this very first performance by Led Zeppelin as well as many more shots of the band in the following years. For a long time I have had the idea that this historic event deserves a commemorative plaque on the wall of the school in Gladsaxe where the concert took place. An evening also the members of the band remember. Below is the front page of Jimmy Page’s web site on September 7 2012.

Thanks to fans of Led Zeppelin, The Borough of Gladsaxe and Tuborgfondet we got the funds to make this happen. 
The unveiling of the plaque of course took place on 7 September 2013 at the school where the world premiere of Led Zeppelin took place on 7 September 1968. 
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On behalf of the committee I thank you,
Jorgen Angel

Also the members of the band remember this historic evening. Here is the front page of Jimmy Page’s web site on September 7, 2012.

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The project is kindly supported by the culturel foundation Tuborgfondet.

Long time since you were in primary school? Now is your chance to visit one. This is the school with the commemorative plaque.  Photo: Kenn Thomsen.